Terms of Reference: End Evaluation Expert


About RNW Media

In 2022, RNW Media launched a programme with our Latin American changemakers. This initiative was designed with the primary goal of enhancing the capacities of independent journalists and content creators, enabling them to effectively inform the public and increase awareness of socio-political and economic issues in Latin America. Furthermore, this programme sought to strengthen the organisational capacity of the Latin American changemakers, aiming to secure the programme’s long-term sustainability and facilitate the expansion of its activities.  

As the programme draws to a close, this end evaluation will critically assess the extent to which it has achieved these objectives, with an emphasis on sustainability and replication of the project’s methods and impacts.

Scope of the assignment

We are looking for an End Evaluation consultant or team who can support RNW Media and our Latin American changemakers to focus on the following points:  

  • To provide evidence on the results of the programme, documenting changes in knowledge, attitude and behavior, how they occurred, and the contribution of the programme, RNW Media and the Latin American changemakers to overall impact.
  • To provide recommendations and identify best practices and lessons learned that can enhance the design and execution of subsequent programs, ensuring continuous improvement and greater impact.


  • Assess how RNW Media's learning and digital media solutions have accelerated the Latin American changemakers.
  • Examine the impact of changemakers, specifically Latin American journalists, on young people.
  • Evaluate the extent to which the programme has achieved its stated objectives.
  • Suggest sustainable approaches for continuing the project's benefits beyond its current term.

The evaluation will focus on the activities and outcomes of phases 1 and 2 from 2022 to 2024.

The timeline for the assignment is between July 2024 and September 2024 (with the possibility to extend 1 month).  

  • July 2024:  Kick-off meeting; commencement of data collection.
  • July - August 2024: Intensive data collection phase.
  • August 2024: Analysis and drafting of the evaluation report.
  • September 2024: Presentation and submission of the final report.  

*Final payment by September 30, 2024.

Proposed Methodology

We propose a mixed methodological approach. It involves the following:

  • Desk Review: Analysis of RNW Media's Theory of Change (ToC), quarterly reports,  indicator framework of the project (PITT) and other relevant documents.
  • Social Media/Web Analysis: Latin American changemaker's YouTube channel specifically live stream debates, OMFI and other relevant content.
  • Focused Group Discussions/ interviews with relevant stakeholders  

The consultants are expected to collaborate with RNW Media's team and Latin American changemakers to develop specific research tools and detailed methodologies.  

*OECD evaluation guidelines could be used to evaluate overall programme.


  • An evaluation plan/proposal detailing methodologies and evaluation tools/questions and duration.
  • A draft evaluation report for review.
  • A final evaluation presentation to stakeholders.
  • A comprehensive final evaluation report in both soft and hard copies.


  • Minimum of five years of experience in conducting qualitative and quantitative evaluations.
  • Proficiency in digital media analysis and familiarity with digital analytic tools.
  • Proficient in Spanish and English language.
  • Experience working in restrictive settings and a good understanding of the Cuban landscape.
  • Excellent analytical, reporting, and communication skills.
  • Proven ability to manage timelines and coordinate complex evaluations effectively.


  • Submission of a detailed evaluation proposal in English, including the methodological approach, conceptual framework, timeframe, evaluation questions and contact details of the evaluator(s).
  • CVs of all team members, highlighting relevant experiences and including samples of past evaluations (non-academic).
  • Interested consultants are invited to submit their proposals by July 5, 2024 to rowena.ricalde@rnw.org  

In case you have any questions about this assignment do not hesitate to contact rowena.ricalde@rnw.org .

Note: The evaluation must adhere to the highest ethical evaluation standards, ensuring confidentiality and respect for all data sources. All participants in the evaluation will be informed about the purpose of their involvement and their rights within the evaluation process.