Cookies Policy

This Cookie Notice is part of our Privacy Policy, which contains a Privacy Notice as well as this Cookie Notice. If you have questions or suggestions, please check the ‘Contact us’ in our Privacy Notice.

Cookies in general

In general a cookie is a small text file that a website stores on your device when you visit a website. Cookies that are not expired are read by the website each time you visit it again. Cookies can also be set by third party websites. This gives them the ability to track your visits on multiple websites and thereby give them information about your interests and habits online. This website does not use third party cookies.

In this notice we describe two kinds of cookies. These do not need your consent because they are required for our sites to properly function and the data is for our own usage only. These cookies help us enhance your experience when using our website and help us understand how people use our site. This way we can better serve you. Without these cookies, we cannot guarantee the website will work properly. These cookies are set automatically for all users, unless you block them based on your browser settings.

Types of Cookies Used on Our Website

Functional Cookies

Our Essential Cookies always originate from our website and are required for the site to function. If you block these cookies, essential functionality will break. These cookies expire as soon as you leave the website.

Analytics Cookies

We use Statistics Cookies to measure the website performance and visitor usage. We need these in order to identify possible improvements, and to make sure the website can handle the volume of people visiting it. The data is gathered by Google Analytics, but that is done in such a way that Google has no access to it. These cookies are stored on your computer for 26 months since your last visit, unless you delete them yourself before then.