the future depends on innovation

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Quantifiable answers to the biggest questions of our time.

The rapid evolution of digital media technology has created unprecedented challenges for democracy and human rights. Traditional approaches to media and information dissemination are now obsolete. But through radical reexamination of strategy, online behavior & algorithmic logic RNW Media innovations are forging new paradigms in digital social impact.
innovation principles


Our innovations are rooted in the understanding that traction shapes society. Change happens when new ideas – good or bad – grow and flow at scale through populations.


Our innovations aim to grow mainstream consensus around the shared values of democratic participation and human rights that bind society together.


Our innovations are underpinned by data on observable human behavior and motivation.


Our innovations are rooted in algorithmic logic, enabling us to exploit the tech where it works for social impact, while effectively mitigating its harmful side effects.


Our innovations are rooted in quantifiable metrics, so we can demonstrate the concrete impact our solutions are creating.