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Thank you for taking the time to read our Terms of Use. We have kept it short so that it takes as little of your time as possible.  

General notice

Our Terms of Use are a browse wrap agreement, which means that by accessing and using RNW Media’s website (www.rnw.org) or any of its (mobile) webpages, you:  

* unconditionally agree to the terms of this disclaimer and copyright notice which may be modified or supplemented from time to time by RNW Media without prior notice;  

* accept that all content, including links to external websites, are provided in good faith and ‘as is’;  

* agree that you will not hold us responsible for any issues or consequences that may arise from accessing and using RNW Media’s content. No guarantee of availability or reliability of either use or accuracy is given by RNW Media or may be assumed. RNW Media cannot be held responsible or liable for any damage or loss resulting from accessing and using the content.


We may terminate or suspend access to our Service immediately, without prior notice or liability, for any reason whatsoever, including without limitation if you breach the Terms. All provisions of the Terms that by their nature remain in effect after termination of our service, will remain in effect after termination. This includes, but is not limited to, property provisions, warranty claims, liability and limitations of liability.  

Intellectual property rights  

Unless otherwise indicated, all content found on RNW Media’s website or any of its (mobile) webpages is subject to and protected by copyright owned by RNW Media. RNW Media reserves the right to remove any content.  

RNW Media permits and encourages reproduction of the copyright-protected content found on this website or any of its (mobile) webpages free of charge in any format or medium subject to the following conditions:  

The copy or copies made must not be for sale, gain, profit or reward in any kind, or any other commercial purposes. “Commercial purposes” includes the offer to provide a business opportunity and to advertise or promote any goods, services, fixed properties and business opportunities. Such content must be reproduced accurately and must not be used in any manner adversely affecting any right or interest of RNW Media.

RNW Media must be acknowledged as the copyright owner of such content, and acknowledgement must be also given to “www.RNW Media.org” as the source of such content. Where third party copyright is involved in content found on this website, permission for reproduction or distribution or otherwise use of any such content must be obtained from the copyright owner(s) concerned.

If you have any questions and/or comments regarding these matters, please contact us by using the contact information at the bottom of the page.  


To use our service in a way other than just reading, you should be at least 16 years old.

Users of our service respect the local laws and intellectual properties when commenting or contributing in any other way.

Safety, freedom and Privacy  

Your fundamental rights and freedoms are important to us. You can read more about how we respect that in our Privacy Notice. In using our service we require you to respect them as well. You do this by behaving in the spirit of our Terms of Use and the will to do no harm in general.  

It is allowed to link to and embed external content as long as it is nott intended to have a negative effect on the safety and privacy of our uses, such as;
a. posting content or links to content that define as spam;
b. links that cause danger or do any harm to the users;
c. links that identify or track users.

Respect the (local) law, government and users of our service at all times, by not using your freedom of speech in an offensive way against them.

Inform us about unintentionally discovered security flaws by using our contact information at the bottom of the page and include the steps on how you found the flaw.

Do not attempt to hack or abuse any possible weakness in our service without a formal and verifiable consent, including our conditions, from us. Non-ethical hackers will be prosecuted.

Changes to this Terms of Use  

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms at any time. If a revision is final we will try to provide at least 14 days’ notice prior to any new terms taking effect. What constitutes a noticeable change will be determined at our sole discretion.  

Contact Information  

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